Player sliding after "Play Animation"


I am currently working in the Third Person Template.

I am using the ASP_Character/ HeroTPP skeletal mesh used in the animation starter pack.

I want my player to do a shooting animation, so for now, I just have a “Play Animation” node that is playing a rifle hip shooting animation.

Before attempting to shoot, my player runs around normally, I have even set up an Aim space for the character with success, and all is fine and dandy, however… …when I trigger the “Play Animation” node to do the shooting animation, my player no longer animates to walk, run etc, he just slides around.

I haven’t gotten heavily into animation, but I’m wondering if maybe it has to do with caching the state machine and using “slots”…I honestly don’t know at this stage.

So does anybody know what is happening, or how I could potentially fix this issue.

Thank you in advance.
Your help would be greatly appreciated.

I created a thread on AnswerHub as well if people would like to post an answer there for others to find.

Are you ‘Un-triggering’ the animation? How does he know when to stop shooting? What are the conditions which allow for the different states? You don’t need a state machine (you could use one but hey) just understand that UE4 doesn’t inherently know things like that. You need to tell it what to do when the button is pressed AND what to do once the button becomes un-pressed.

Yeah, I understand that being a bit of a limitation when simply playing the animation, as there is no way to “stop” it. However I stumbled across “Set animation mode” which seems to do the trick for now (I’m only still in prototype/proof of concept stages still…and it’s a big game, so doing things kind of quick and dirty).

To explain what I am doing further in depth. I have a weapon item (blueprint) where a player can interact with that weapon to pick it up. The weapon has a “carrier” variable which is passed through to it, and set on server and clients, it also attaches itself to the carrier, changes it’s collisions, physics etc (probably not the best way, but for what i’m doing, it seems fine).
The weapon itself has a primary and secondary function, obviously for primary fire and secondary fire, so while the weapon is equipped, if the player left clicks or right clicks, it does one or the other, or at least tells the server that the player wants the weapon to do this primary or secondary fire.
The weapon itself actually tells the “carrier” to play the shooting animations, reload animations etc, and that’s why I don’t think it would work too well doing these animations inside of the animgraph or with anim montage.

I will eventually try and make everything work through the animation blueprint however, because right now, the current implementation means that when the player fire’s his gun, it animates the entire body, so there is a bit of a jerking animation if the player is running, where as with animMontage, I would not have this problem as I would use blend nodes, slots etc.

I understand my current implementation is very much a “rough and ready” implementation, but “set animation mode” is what I needed to solve the issue temporarily until I do proper animation, using my own character meshes.

I will eventually put up a newer video of my game so far, as it has progressed massively in the last few months, but if you want to check out some of the stuff I did within the first month or two, look here: (In particular, probably just check out the last 2 or 3 videos)

Due to limitations of the above method, I am going to try and utilize the animation blueprint instead as I think I may have worked out a system that should be fine to use without any compromises. I’ll post what I am attempting if it works.