Player set up?


There are many weird things going on when I want to play the level. Everytime I play, Instead of walking normally on the ground, I’m more or less flying and I can’t walk slowly, the player is as fast as the camera in the editor. I used the FirstPerson template for my project. And if I create a default map everything is normal, if I create an empty level with a brush and a small light, it’s like I said.

I really don’t know what this is about. The game mode is the same…Is there something to set up before? I never had these problems with the UDK, even if I created a blank map.

Edit: And now I will be teleported if I start the level, no matter if I set a PlayerStart or click Play from here…

Did you set a Default Pawn Class in the GameMode (or Maps and Modes Setup of your project)? When you click on the small arrow near the Play Button, can you make sure that you selected something like “Spawn from Player Start”?

Yes, everything is set. But I think I found the problem. I created a cube brush for the ceiling, and I think the PlayerStart was too big for it. I resized the CapsuleComponent in the Character Class and everything was fine. But I still don’t know why the Player is flying. I just moved the camera down and that worked. I also had to change the walking speed in blueprint, but now, everything is as I wanted. I think these problems could belong to bugs, but I’m not sure.

Glad to hear that. Without further investigation, i can’t tell if these are bugs or not.

If you want to help Epic getting rid of bugs, please try to recreate it in an new and fresh project and create a new AnswerHUB Question with detailed information on how to recreate it.

I’m going ahead and mark this question as resolved.

I would really like to, but it seems that the problem doesn’t appear anymore. I just tested it out. Maybe it is because the engine has been updated. But if I detect a bug, I will directly post it here. Thanks again!

Alright, please make sure to mark questions as resolved by clicking on the check mark on the left side of the answer you want to accept.

For now i will do this for you (: