Player Selection Screen

Hey, I am looking for some help on creating a player selection screen. I have searched online but can not find anything to fit the needs of the game I am creating. I am trying to create a menu where you may select new characters that you have unlocked through playing the game. These characters would need to have their own separate variables as to have better stats than the previous. I am not looking for anything complex, just a static mesh, with no animations, able to be changed in the menu.

Thanks for the response, yes I know how UMG works and that is what I have been using for all the menus and huds in my game. Although what I do not know is how do you change the default pawn through blueprints within the widgets. I tried a few methods but id doesn’t seem to work and the only way to change it is to manly change the default pawn in the game mode. Is it possible to make a blueprint control what is fed into the default pawn in the game mode?

You should look for slate tutorials (aka, UMG == Unreal Motion Graphics?). This is the standard way to build interfaces.

You can drive interface widgets with blueprints and vice versa. It’s not exactly easy to describe in simple steps how to do it, but generally you’d either get a reference to your game state / game mode / game instance blueprint and display the stuff in there. Alternatively, you can use the Model-View-Controller style of software engineering framework, where your game data is your model and your interfaces are just another way to view that data. The slightly tricky part is getting them to talk to each other.

Is this enough guidance to help you get started?

so are you basically saying that you create external assets ie in my case ( jpgs of the screens ) then you use bluprint to pull up the references through if then stamens so the aforementioned jpg becomes a static mesh that represents said loading screen