Player rotation

When starting the game I want the camera to be rotating 90 degrees (like waking up and standing). That should happen exactly in the beginning of the game before the player has any control over the actor.
Thank you.

Use the “BeginPlay” event in the player Blueprint and rotate to w/e angle you want?

Hey, thank you for your answer, but I couldn’t really make it, so I would be grateful if you explain to me as I am a newbie.

There’s too much to talk through in detail for a forum post, but some thoughts that may be helpful to you:

If you are looking to have some sort of intro scene before the player takes control, like a cinematic sequence where the character groggily wakes up and looks around, you may want to explore using a matinee. It’s possible to set a matinee up so that it starts before the player is given control and in matinee you can finely control camera movements and the like.

In your screenshot, it looks like you are setting up a manual turn. You may also want to think about it in terms of what the player is looking at, and then use whatever actor the player is looking at to get a “look at rotation” to apply to your actor. Here’s a snippet from the code of a marketplace blueprint I created that rotates an actor to look at another actor:


The other thing you need to think about if you are going for cinematic quality is that you don’t want to snap the rotation around instantly (like the code above does). You’ll want to interpolate the rotation smoothly so that your actor rotates over time. Matinee can do that sort of thing or you’ll want to look into the various Lerp (linear interpolation) nodes in blueprint. You’ll also have to decompose, even if you use matinee, your movements and rotations into individual pieces - from your description it sounds like you need a ‘move camera up’ movement and a ‘rotate camera to look at something’ rotation. Of course, you don’t necessarily need cinematic quality right away, so you could just rough cut it for now with matinee or blueprints for pre-visualization purposes.