Player respawning when I play a matinne

I am maker a platformer based game and I have 2 lasers which move up and down using matinees. When these two matinees die my game goes smoothly and I don’t respawn randomly however when I go to the level blueprint and play them all of a sudden I randomly respawn. I checked the matinees and they move the trigger volume correctly but I don’t know what else could be wrong.

Please post screenshots of your blueprint, how are you re-spawning the character? how are you starting the matinee, how does the player die?

I start the matinee like this:

And my player ‘dies’/respawns like this:

Here is what happens without the 2 laser matinees ‘MovingLaser2’ and ‘MovingLaser3’

Works well and I don’t randomly die

Here is what happens when the 2 laser matinees are played

I randomly die

The problem doesn’t seem to be with you matinee, but more with how the player knows that he’s dead. Right now you are sayin whenever something overlap a volume, the player will change location. This event can be triggered by anything, instead you need to check the thing that triggered the event is actually the player. to do so you can use a cast node.

To each of your trigger event connect a CastTo"YouPlayerBP" and connect the cast node to your setLocation node. If you if it’s not your player who triggered the event, the cast will fail.