Player profile system

Hello I am fairly new with unreal and i’m currently building a project for college,

I want to add in a player profile system (kind of like the start of a Pokemon game) You input your name and your gender(which selects which character you play as)

I tried to find a tutorial on it but I couldn’t find any, any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

You would mainly have a Widget with different things, like a Textbox for the Name, a DropDownMenu for the Gender and so on.
And then a button to actually submit that stuff.

Submitting means, you need to save it properly, so you can use it later on.

What tutorials could i check to learn this?

Well you should first learn about Widgets.
Then search for SaveGame Tutorials.

You should find a lot about that on Youtube.

Both will help you creating an interface for the Player to enter the Data and a way to save the data.

Smaller thinks, like checking if the Name TextBox is empty etc is up to you of course. :stuck_out_tongue:

Once you saved it, you need to load it, that’s also part of the SaveGame tutorial.

The PlayerName should just be loaded into a variables you can easily access. For example in the PlayerCharacter class
or the PlayerState class. Then you can easily query it with “GetPlayerCharacter” or “GetPlayerController->PlayerState” and casting one of them
to you custom classes where the Variable sits.

For the Gender you might want to just have ONE PlayerCharacter BP Class where you swap out the Model based on the selection.
You could save the selection as a simple String or even an int, although strings are easier for you to work with.

When loading, you check the string (Switch on string or so should be a thing, or select string? I guess you will find it). That node has an exec route
for each different options you give it. Similar to a switch for enums. Then you can, based on the exec route, set the PlayerCharacter Mesh/Model
to the one matching the selection.

That’s pretty “basic”. Like i said, check out Widget and SaveGame stuff first, then try to load and fill in the saved data at a point where it makes sense.