Player placed static meshes - save/load


I wanted to ask for some feedback / guidance on a project I’m just starting. Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I’m hoping to do this through blueprints though I could explore c++ if required.

I’m building a 3D maze and a player has to escape. I can create maps by hand but I’d like to give my players the ability to create their own maps.

I kind of have ideas but I’m really not sure how to do this. I want to provide a wizard with the following steps:

  1. Select grid size (via sliders - width/height)
  2. Mark on a grid where bushes should be placed
  3. Save to file

The initial grid creation shouldn’t be too hard. The marking on a grid I’m not sure on. I was thinking about player placed static meshes.

It’s the saving and loading I’m really unsure on right now. I think I need to store grid locations and when loading place static meshes accordingly. Then I can store the map file in a central folder and check for maps there.

Does this sound right? Do you have any pointers?


My initial idea is for you to create a Class called something like ‘Grid Tile’, this will contain all the functionality for Spawning a ‘Wall’ or ‘Floor Trap’ at it’s location. You can then create some logic in your Game Mode blueprint that spawns this tile in grids. Spawning in Grids is a case of using a ForLoop to Spawn the ‘Grid Tile BP’ actor’s. You have the ForLoop spawn actors along the X axis Row (for example), then when that is complete, have it run again only starting at the the 2nd Row’s locations. As for saving, it’s a case of creating a Save Class, populating it with variables to store the appropriate data in (Grid Tile state) and then passing that data in however you like.