Player pitch past 90 Degrees

I finally fixed several things that were wrong with my level by project settings and blueprints but now I have another issue, now that I’m finally beginning to need to delve past terrain editing etc.

Almost everything works perfectly player character now except pitch rotation past 90 degrees.

Hope I’m explaining that right, and if I am how is that fixed.

This worked fine originally so I’m not sure what I may have done but now this seems to be all that’s left to fix.

Its causing me to be able of course to look UP as far as needed, and also causing weird clipping issues as I rotate camera around on anything but level ground.


So checking around, I found this:º-to-270º-limit.html

I duplicated it exactly, but now player has no pitch at all and I guess I suspect this was from a older version of engine and doesn’t work anymore ?

If so, what needs changed :wink:


Cast to player camera manager and then clamp the values

Cast to player camera manager and then clamp the values

ok thx checking it out now

That didn’t I’m afraid, different code, same problem.

I clamped as normal, and now as before, I can no longer pitch camera during play.

Any idea ?


Took another look, got it ty ;0

One thing though and not really related but maybe, is how basically do I keep the camera centered on player as I rotate downward ( up is fine), so intead of being like 4 feet 'behind player ( camera), its right over player ?

I have no idea what I did to alter it, as that behavior was that way right out of box.

I changed something and I"ve been recreating to get back there, and really this is the missing piece other this one:

I know this was here out of the box ( fresh install ), but the player disappears as I rotate around 'hill’s to return around level ground near that point.

This one is really weird and I’ve seen it on these forums but do not recall where; going forward and pressing ‘right cursor key’ , the player JUMPS instead of going smoothly, same for left.

What causes this…

thx for everything