Player PC specs collection

Let’s say I have a beta of a game, and I want to collect beta tester’s PC spec’s, so I can determine the minimum requirements for my game. How would I do this?

Just an idea:

I think your best option is to use an external tool (like CPU-Z) offering some command line utilities. Integrate the tool in your installer and run it once. This may generate a report that you can send on a server to collect them. I don’t think you can do this with Unreal Engine except getting the graphic card and drivers version.

Usually in the video game industry (correct me if I’m wrong), they have some special racks which allow to easily test different hardware. It’s a classic computer, but it’s designed to make hardware change fast and easy. So it doesn’t look like a computer at all haha.

I would love to hear about your future solution. Keep us in touch !

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FPlatform* provide lot of system and hardware information APIs in static functions so you don’t need to make any objects to use them

Remember to use FPlatform insted of FGenericPlatform, FGenericPlatform is just fallback implementation if FPlatfrom only way to see this inteface in API refrence, it’s platfrom has it’s own implementation. If something is missing you can always use standard platform APIs just remember to filter the code with #if PLATORM_PLATFORMNAME.

There no blueprint solution that i know, if you can’t do C++ then then indeed external tools might be the way

I’m still confused on what to do with this.

All right I will help you about this:

  • FMonitorInfo “Contains info on a physical monitor connected to the display device”
  • FHardwareSurveyResults seems to contains a lot of hardware information. This is maybe your best option here
  • FHardwareDisplay GPU Stuff
  • FDisplayMetrics Contains metrics information for the desktop area
  • FGenericPlatformMisc You can find some CPU informations here
  • FGenericPlatformMemoryConstants RAM Stuff
  • FGenericPlatformMemoryStats

I still think your best option is to use an external tool :wink:

Sorry guys, I’ve had no luck.