Player pawns don't spawn if there's an overlap.

I’m trying to make a pawn based gamemode that works in multiplayer with blueprints.

So far I have a bunch of empty classes for everything (Photo 1) but the Pawn is populated with a sphere and a camera.

And I have it set up so when i play there are 2 clients connected to a dedicated server, with 2 PlayerStart actors.
When I press play, it will spawn Client 1 at a random PlayerStart, and Client 2 at a random PlayerStart, but if they both choose to spawn at the same PlayerStart then only one of the clients will spawn in with a pawn, the other client is just seeing the editor camera with no pawn.

I tried following the example here:!-(aka-Tom-s-a-Glutton-for-Punishment)=

where he uses a Choose Player Start function, but the function is not returning anything (Also get an error where I can’t name the function chooseplayerstart)

Am I doing something wrong? (UE4.19)