Player Pawn Mesh Changes not persistant

I have a Mod adding new skins for armor. I wanted to change the playerpawns so the default mesh with no masking or default clothing would spawn so I could verify clipping and such in the test map for new skins. When I tested the adjusted game with a new base playerpawn and childed male and female pawns, the armor did something funny. The pawns both spawned correctly, but when I equipped the basic armors and then removed them, the default masking came back and left the standard empty holes in the mesh. It only appears to happen with default armors, but it would save me a lot of reloads if I can verify for sure the masks are working and not changing with each change of clothing. Is there a reason why these masks would reappear when I changed the colorized materials’ default masks to white textures, reparented the pawns and correctly assigned the pawns in a new testgamemode and primalgamedata?