Player or NPC


i’m not sure if i post this in the right section, if not, please move it. Thank you.

Last year i started to work on my first Game with UE4. I never worked with UE4 before, but with CryEngine and Unity a little bit.
I watched many tutorials and rebuild some of them.
Then i got to take care of a few other things, workf, getting sick, laying in Bed for 2 Months and so on.
Now i wanted to get back at my Project and now i’m not quite sure if i didn’t make a big mistake and maybe need to start over.

Too understand: My Game was a kind of Auto-BattleRoyal-Game.
The Players don’t move their Character. The Character moves on vision. The Run in a Arena randomized around and attack others.
The only Interactions would be “Spells” they could trigger.
All this would be done through a Chat. (Youtube, Twitch)#

The point where i think i went wrong is, that i made the “Characters” as NPC because they move and act on their own.
But now im not quit sure if they shouldn’t be automated Player Characters like in a “AutoChess” Game.

I’m not even quit sure if they are even Player or NPC or something inbetween. :smiley: