Player only moves left after adding gun. HELP!

Hey everyone, I am starting to learn more and more about how to create an FPS game on Unreal but I’ve come across an issue involving movement and spawning in a gun for the player. Every time I try to spawn a gun with the fps blueprint class so it attaches to the camera in place it limits my movements to only go left no matter what key I press. I have attached 3 images, one of the event begin play where I can disconnect the SpawnActor and it will fix the movement but the gun wont spawn, the second image is of my movement blueprint, and the third is the view port for the character where the gun would spawn in.

Any ideas will help!!!


Did you ever find a fix? I’m having the same issue

Try turning making the attached actor ignore the character it is attached to or just outright disable its collision.

This is a collision issue between the weapon (attached actor or component) and the character movement component (CMC).

Turn of collision (weapon mesh) with pawn/pawn capsule.