player not spawning correctly on different computers


I am totally stumped here…
I’m using this tutorial here to stream my levels:

I have a sort of central level with “portals” that go to other levels. Everything streams from an almost empty persistent level.

The problem I am having: The game is working great on my work computer, on my home computer, on a few friends computers. I’m starting to send it out to other people to test and I have run into this weird problem. In the main level, every once in awhile, the player will spawn at 0,0,0 underneath the world and just be stuck. Usually the player always spawns where I have the player start. Why would it spawn in different places on a different computer? I have never run into this problem once myself. The weird thing is, is that the player spawned correctly the first time the level was streamed and then incorrectly upon entering the level for the second time.
Any ideas how I could even error check a problem I’m not able to reproduce? I have a build of the game here if anyone could check it it would be so appreciated. The zip pword is ‘jupiter’

Here is the spawn code (which is pretty much taken exactly from Matthew Wadstein’s tutorial)