Player not spawning at player start

As the title says, my player isn’t spawning in the player start area, but instead outside of the skysphere entirely and I’m not sure why.

My game is set to spawn player at ‘Default Player Start’. I have a persistent level map, a level map for the main area to store area specific lighting/skysphere, and a smaller level map for the terrain plot. I’m using level streaming volumes to load maps in and out (at least I will when I have more smaller level maps).

I can’t find any obvious reason for the player start not to work. There isn’t much in the actual level map yet that could throw it off. I tried deleting all the terrain in case that was messing it up, but nothing changed. Any ideas?

Did you make the sky sphere? Did you turn off collision?

It’s the BP_Sky_Sphere actor. No collision on it other than ‘can character step up onto component’ which I turned off.