Player Not Leveling Up

Hi all,

I’ve followed the steps suggested here: What's the best way to start creating a level up system? - Blueprint - Epic Developer Community Forums, yet when testing the level system, I find that my player’s level doesn’t increase above 1. I’ve gone through it a number of times and can’t see what I’m doing wrong, so perhaps someone here can help. Below is a screenshot of my blueprint.

The Player EXP is set to 0 initially, and I’ve set-up a command so that whenever I press 2, the player receives 1000exp. When I get to 2000 exp, the player level remains as 1, and this is true even at 75,000 exp. What have I missed, exactly?
Any help with this would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

The Highlighted Nodes I would make a Function instead that Calculates Exp needed for next Level. Mine simply doubles up but you can do any type of math on it. Btw. not a very smart leveling System but if thats all you need its fine.