Player move on a circle (or oval)

I’m a beginner of unreal so I’m really confused…

my problem is I can’t make my player just move on a circle(or oval),by pressing A for counterclockwise movement and pressing D for clockwise movement ,is this can be possible to do it?

I’ve tried spline and math to calculate the position of my player but still can’t figure out how to make it do this circular movement…

You can just offset the character and instead of moving him, merely rotate him around that central axis.

not sure how complex you need this to be, this other person made something like this

and i got this other way, but it looks way too simple but does moves in circles

could you elaborate a little more please? this could be useful on later projects

i can’t understand how to offset my character and just for rotating but not moving it

thank you for the comment

but that just can’t work: (

@jblaswu @paul85081525 and anybody looking for this in the future: create an empty, make your character its child and then apply the needed rotation to the empty (which is the parent) thus causing the character (its child) to move in a circular manner.