Player location move forwards/backwards with scroll wheel

I want my player to move forwards and backwards based off of the scroll wheel. How can I achieve this? Ideally, I would want a “force” to be applied to it. So one scroll is a “push”. 5 scrolls forwards give it a speed of 5, gradually decreasing if no further input is given.

With some Inputs, you can do an AXIS input instead of a ‘toggle’ (or 'ACTION) Like how the Thumbstick can be pushed a Little or a Lot and that translates to slower or faster movement?

I think the answer will be related to that, to setting up scroll as an AXIS Input that interprets each new ‘scroll’ send as incremental movement, (then it goes backwards the same way)…

In fact I bet the Thumbstick ‘code’ would be what is needed, just literally switched to interpret the ‘send data’ of the Mouse Wheel instead of the Controller’s Thumbstick, applied normally as incremental input from the wheel.