Player limit?

Hey there,

I’m curious if the player limit is still fixed at 64 players. This has been a recurrent topic in UE3, and of course I know it’s dictated by the nature of the netcode. still, it’d be nice to know if it [is / will be] still fixed at 64 and/or your plans in this regard.

btw I tried testing multiple clients on the same PC but even at 320x240 when I got to launch the 4th rocket game window it all started acting choppy :slight_smile:

Hi Oscar,

Its really hard to give an honest fair estimate to that, so much depends on the game, the platform and the servers involved. Its always something that needs to be considered. Doing a next gen AAA level title, getting a lot of players online together will be some work, but totally possible. If you want to do a 64 player game, you can probably do that to if you design around it and are willing to make concessions. UE4 will allow you to set the number of players to anything, but your machine may not be able to handle that.

Create wisely, because with UE4, the only limit is you.