Player Limit Multiplayer

Hi guys,

We are switching from CE to UE, and we have a question regarding the player limit for multiplayer games.

We are working on a WW2 Game which should be played on a 2x2 km Map with 32 vs. 32 Players, or even better 64 vs. 64 players.

I know this question got asked several times already. I just want to have more specific information, is UE able to handle 128 players? If yes, what hardware do our servers need to handle these players lag-free? Does anyone know that? Or are there any insights into other mutliplayer games based off on UE4?


There’s not really a limit, it’s going to depend on how you design the game. Like for instance, the way they got thousands of people into Just Cause 2 was because they aren’t sending much information.

Well then, how does one keep down the amount of information sent?

That’s a pretty broad question, and the answer is specific for each game.

The general idea is that you want to replicate as little data as possible, and use client-side prediction or other “tricks” to make up the difference. Let me give you an example: Let’s say you have a destructible wall that any player can destroy to get the item on the other side. When one of the players hit the wall, the other players should know where the hit landed, but not track each individual broken piece. The physics of the wall destruction should be resolved on each client, because where the pieces land don’t really affect the overall gameplay experience.

I know the answer is pretty vague, but hopefully it gives you a general idea of how to plan your game.

I thought it’s limited to 10k players…

Would creating an MMO with 5k players online simultaneously be a viable task?