Player instantly dies below red line?

Hi guys,

New to this so please be gentle if I’m being an idiot.

Now on the editor, there’s a red line (not sure if it has a fancy name) but I’ve basically gathered anything above that your player spawns fine when you “play” in the editor. Anything below that and you appear to die instantly and get presented with the re-spawn locations? Now to fix the water you apparently need your map below -15000 but this will just instantly kill you? Seems if you’re to high up it’ll kill you as well… Not sure, any help would be great. :slight_smile:

The water issue is, anything below about -10000 the water is just either pure black, or pure blue.

here’s my map from side on view:

I’ve tried looking around but no far not found anything on it…


There’s a setting, world settings->kill Z that sets how far from the world center a player can go before being killed automatically. I’m pretty sure you are outside those bounds. I have never changed that number cause all my map elements are within the bounds since my map is a copy of The Island file that I modified. Here’s my map, my terrain height is at 100:

Thanks! I’ll have to have a look at that… Maybe because I started a new project instead of using an existing one…