Player input no longer works until I use SHIFT + F1

Hi guys, in my project I have a typical character with action and axis mappings that I use for player input. These are all set up for an XBox controller and have worked just fine using version 4.18. However, I just downloaded version 4.19 and when I start the game in the PIE, the character doesn’t move in response to my controller input. What’s weird is that when I use SHIFT + F1 to get the mouse cursor, then click back in the PIE window, my XBox controller input moves the character and he can now run around.

Does anyone know what might be the problem? In version 4.18, it doesn’t happen.



Something changed in 4.19 and the editor viewport doesn’t automatically focus when starting a PIE session anymore. If you launch a standalone game, it should work straight away.

You can reset it to the old behaviour by going into Editor Preferences->Level Editor->Play and setting “Game Gets Mouse Control” to true.