Player infinite fall, please help

When i try to play the player keeps falling infinitely, i tried putting the player spawn upper to see if it was just that the floor dident loaded b ut i still appearing in the same zone.

It just happens when i try to spawn in my “lobby”

Let me show you:
If i have this- Screenshot - 8f3b0867c1860164fa5bb9c54780b08f - Gyazo
This happens: Screen capture - 5d0cf12dea4f69440c9629b5d32f657c - Gyazo

But if i do this- Screen capture - 47c74f0b9cbcb47f65329cab8d000c55 - Gyazo
This happens: Screen capture - 2bc90eba1afe7723ab17a2a00172dc5b - Gyazo

The thing is that, the first one is for the lobby, i want the first one to appear on the lobby, not there so i need to use the settings of the first one

The one that i select here is the lobby: Screenshot - b12a506bb958d4f6d03806a636fbe5d5 - Gyazo

Here is where im supposed to appear after the lobby: Screenshot - 3036fb12e037c660031f42bd9f5215d5 - Gyazo
In the second gif u guys can see that i can actually appear there, but i dont appear in the lobby with the first one for some reason.
Please, can you guys tell me what to do, or just add me somewhere and see the files by yourself and try to find the error. :c

In the lobby i want to appear in the floor.
I also tried this: Screen capture - 1d1c63b2c9a1f24712d96d911d570c54 - Gyazo
And then: Screen capture - d6bbeeb4f918d886067ad19d6bcae01a - Gyazo
But this still happens: Screen capture - a912b7ed1d03b505639e3c5c14640e49 - Gyazo

These are the pawn and gamemode that i have in the world: Screen capture - 0c2cc2bf5d4a6a33060ce362cb92cb21 - Gyazo

I see you tried to show a lot which is good, usually people don’t post enough stuff. Unfortunately what you posted is super confusing. You are doing “things” but the little GIFs are hard to understand. Post screen shots of the actual set up. Also, your character appears to be floating not “falling”. Not sure why your start position is so high in the sky. I see you moved it to the floor in one of the GIFs but I couldn’t tell what the result was…again very hard to follow what you posted. Clear that up with screen shots and the actual “falling” issue, I didn’t see any falling at all, then maybe we can help.

dont worry somehow i fixed that in some way but i now have other problems :c

what does that mean? (im spanish xD)

care to elaborate? Haha

just recreate the spawnpoints and make sure they are not attached to the floor, they need to be attached to the world.