player idle timer? (no any input)

how do I determine player is not doing any input, then set a timer for idle animation?
I searched around, all came out using movement speed = 0.
but I need absolutely no input to start the timer.

Start and restart the timer function at the end of each input?

For inputs that use eventTick (such as mouse inputs) youd have to setup a system that detects if any difference to controller input was made and use that to determine if you need to reset the timer

Have all your inputs go through a function that resets a timer to zero when activated. Then another function will watch that timer and execute your idle functions when the timer reaches a certain point.

Se me ocurre una idea. Dectetar el movimiento del personaje…si este esta a 0 durante x segundos …el juego está en stand by!
I have an idea. Detect the character’s movement … if it is at 0 for x seconds … the game is on standby! (from google )