Player holding item by constraint

Hello, I’m making simple game in Unreal Engine, and I cannot go past one problem.
My character(from 3rd camera example with some modifications) has ability to pick up some certain items and move them around. The problem is that when these objects collide with something, it doesnt affect my character, so I can still walk when my item is colliding for example with wall and in result item goes crazy with physics.
To hold items I use APhysicsConstraintActor with Actor1 as player and Actor2 as item.
Any Ideas how to fix it?

If you want the object you are holding to still simulate physics you should use a PhysicsHandleComponent. The physics example content have an example of using one in a blueprint which can easily be ported to code.

Thanks man! Worked flawlessly after some research. All about holding object is just to use GrabComponent(object’s component) on Handle and to update Handle’s TargetLocation(where we want our item to be).