Player Hit Direction Indicator

I haven’t been able to figure this one out and hopefully someone can assist me with this.

Basically I have HUD indicators that light up on the Top, Right, Bottom, and Left of the Crosshair when a player is hit from Above or the Front, the Right, Behind, the Left. The problem I am having is trying to work out how to actually get the direction of the hit.

I am assuming that I should use the Player onDamageAny event and do some maths from there. Is this the correct assumption? Are there any gotchas to doing it this way?\

Thanks for any help. 8-}

You should be using “apply point damage” for damage events and “event point damage” if possible as they include a “hit from direction” input. Presumably you could calculate the direction the character is hit from by using “find look at rotation” but I’m not sure because I haven’t actually implemented this myself.

Just a rough idea: when you take damage, get damage instigator( in enemy projectile or weapon bp, apply damage node has an instigator pin), get his location. Now you know yout location and the attacking enemy location. And from here you are on your own to work this one out, because idk your setup. :slight_smile: