Player Health from Health Pickup Not updating

I have a simple health system in place that works with UMG. I have checked that all the variables are sound and of the correct type. The player collides with the health pickup without any issue, but the player’s health does not update correctly. I have damage volumes in place which remove armor and then health as they are supposed to, but for some reason the health pickup is not adding to the player’s health. I have created this exact system in a precious project without any issue, so I am at a loss. I would really appreciate any help or directions that I can explore. I have included screenshots below. Thank you :smiley: I know it is something silly that I am overlooking.

heres a blueprint i sketched out recently for a stamina regen, health regen works the same… but this is what i use instead of relying on an event tick… the 5 second delay is just how long i have to go without using stamina before regen kicks in… the timer by event runs on a loop, adjustable on how long between cycles and each cycle refills a small bit of stamina until stamina is maxed out, at which point the timer is stopped and the script stops running… its all set to a custom event that i can call at the end of any action that uses stamina (jumping, sprinting, etc)… the invalidator custom event is called at the beginning of any event that uses stamina to stop stamina regen when more stamina is used