Player glides straight off

I have a train in my scene which i want the use to be able to be in, but when the train starts moving the player glides off slowly
I am using a matinee to move the train

How i can watch your video. Its not available

I just updated the video

In your character BP in the view-port, click on the ‘CharacterMovement’ in the components area, and up the ground friction.

Still doesnt work, i have tried starting with a number like 10 and then just adding 10 more every time it fails and it never worked?3

Is your CharacterMovement using ImpartBaseVelocity (or something like that)? There’s a toggle in CharacterMovement, I can’t remember the exact name that determines whether or not the player inherits the velocity of the object he’s standing on.

Imparted Movement Base Velocity