Player gets stuck on capsule collision

I have a first person project, where I have a level with a landscape and some trees on in. Every tree has only one simple capsule collision and so does the player. I noticed that sometimes when the player walks/slides around the tree’s collision, it’s possible to get stuck. It’s also possible to get stuck by jumping toward the tree. When the player gets stuck, he can no longer move in any direction nor can he jump, and the player’s and tree’s collision capsules are only very slightly intersecting. It only happens very rarely, most of the time the collisions are working correctly.

To make sure that this isn’t some issue with my project, I created a brand new project from the First Person template and only added one tree to the example level, and the issue was still present.

I tested this with UE 4.26.2 and 4.27 Preview 4, the issue exists in both versions.

If anybody has any idea what might be causing this or how I might fix it, I would really appreciate any advise. Thanks in advance.

Seems the problem was that the capsule around the tree trunk was too tall. I changed it to be slightly smaller than the player and also placed a second one on top of that. I did some testing and it looks like I can’t get stuck anymore so hopefully the issue is fixed.