Player gets stuck every few steps, even without seeable collision


i’m making a horror game and i’m nearly done with the level design. But when i try the game i get stuck while walking. I already changed the Character but without success. Thats my first question on the AnswerHub so feel free to ask for more details. The “bug” was since yesterday.

I already looked at the Player Collision View Mode but there is all normal, like it should be. I also have no particle in the game and my ground foliages (grass, flowers) have no collision. Sometimes when i collide with a mesh, i cant even move anymore.

I have a similar problem with my stairs. At a couple of points, I have to jump over an invisible step that my character cannot walk over. Is this the same thing that is happening for you? If it is something like this, try increasing the angle you can walk up. I think it is in the character movement details.

I had the same problem as you. But i created a new level. But thanks for your help :slight_smile: