Player Follow Spline Issues

Hi I’ve managed to get the player to follow a spline path. I only have two problems.

I have Version 4.13 and using first person template with 3rd person mannequin.

#1 The player’s center locks onto the center on the spline plane. This pretty much makes the player slide from their midsection instead of their feet. I feel like this can be an easy fix.

I want to be able to transform the player from the red arrow instead of the blue.

#2 The second time the player rides the slide it instantly jumps the player to the other side. I’m not sure what’s going on here.

Here are my Blueprints:


You can add the difference between the arrows to the z value of the vector before setting the actor location to raise him up. On completion of the timeline0 you need to reset your spline distance to zero. Also, you might want to plug into play from start instead of start. I can’t see everything but may be required.

Thanks James, I got it working exactly how I want it. Just a small thing is when the player gets to the end of the spline they are stuck for 1-2 seconds before they can freely move again.

I have two splines going in two directions, so I needed to add a timmy box so that you can only slide one way and also not teleport to the other spline.

Here are my BP:

Thanks again!