Player flying high results in Blueprint Runtime Error

I have enabled Origin Shifting, which seems to work fine. I’m also using the Get World Origin Location node in Blueprints to calculate correct coordinates for UI feedback. However, the Origin Shifting does not appear to work in the Z direction, or rather, I get “Blueprint Runtime Errors” when my character flies above 10485 meters (1048576 UE units I assume). The error is an “Accessed None trying to read property CallFunc_GetPlayerCharacter_ReturnValue”, as if the Player Character no longer exist? A similar error is thrown for GetPlayerPawn if I use that.

What’s this for you:


Perhaps when the world shifts, it wipes the player via Kill Z (could work in both directions - untested) before their position is adjusted. That’d be a weird bug, though.

Adjust the number and see if you’re getting a different result.

when my character flies above 10485 meters

This kind of adds up, you can’t spawn actors beyond 1m uus, and float precision is really poor at that distance. Consider having the World Origin Shift kick in much, much earlier.

Thanks, It’s not the Kill Z, but you set me on track; disabling the nearby “Enable World Bounds Check” solved the problem. I’m not sure why the world origin doesn’t seem to shift before this happens though, as it does on the X and Y axis. I’m not going into space or anything, my model doesn’t even look very good from up here, I just want to avoid the crash if someone should fly a bit too high.

Thanks for this answer, @SVatne
I was having the same issue and this resolved it.