Player falling trought mesh when the mesh is raising and the player is jumping

Hi, I know I ask this question several time but I did not receive an appropriate answer and I am a little suprise givent that it seem to be a pretty comon problem.

Hi, I have an issue. When my player stand on an actor that going up and jump, he pass throught it. I tried many thing ccd among other, but noting work, any idea how to fix it?
I am using the default first person character and I tested it on many thing including a basic cube with a basic up and down animation on a level serquence player. I only change the input base velocity cause I was annoyed by the inherited physic that coul;d brake my game.

Any Idea how to solve this issue.

Thanks I must admit I am pretty desperate on that one

If you upload your project to google drive I can take a look

Thanks I appreciate, My project is too big but I made a basic demo to show the problem you jsut have to open the main map step on the thing that look like a platform and press u and jump wehile the platform is raising and youll see here is the link which will be available one week

Thanks again

Hi fapocallps, i tested your project and on my computer i can jump on the platform while raising, no problem.

That really strange cause thjis is what happen on my side.

you can see it either on my gogole drive
or on youtube if youtube accept this - YouTube

Anyway its 20 second long and youll see the moment I pass throught the platform is cause I press jump

But seriously thank for taking the time to try to help

Thanks for the assistance I really appreciate the help and will try these various solution