Player exit left, come back right

Is there a way to get a player to walk off to the left and come back right, like many old school 2d platforms?

You’d have to be able to control your player right on the edge, so the player’s left side is visible on the right edge of the screen and his right side visible on the left edge of the screen… And anything fired into the left side would come back out on the right?

The only way I can think of is to temporarily clone your player as he gets close to the edge and then repossess once he’s gone from one side to the other. Kind of quirky.


I would start there and see how it goes!

Ok cool, just might do that then. :slight_smile: Thanks for the feedback, always good to know if I’m on a totally wrong track or not!

So looks like you are wanting to re-set the transform for the character.

For example:

If character X=-51 set X=50
or if X=51 set X=-50

Right, this would be the simple solution. But Rumbly wants it so that his player can be seen on both sides of the screen if he’s half-in half-out. That seems quite a bit harder to do.

Unfortunately I can’t come to any conclusions besides what you suggested yourself, RumbleMonk. But I am philosophically interested in how this pans out!