Player Entered Game Message

Anybody know how to remove the “Player entered game” or “Player left game” message that appears?

The only method I’ve seen is to add HudFonts(0)=none to the Hud but this is a UTHud property which I tried in anycase but it didn’t work.

It must be a config entry somewhere?

Anyone? Its a nuisance this message as it appears when I spawn a load of Bots, for the odd player joining a game it would be bearable but not if say 30 Bots are spawned and you get a repeated spammed message for each Bot

it’s related to the GameMessageClass, which is used in the GameInfo and PlayerReplicationInfo.
if you set GameMessageClass=None in your GameInfo and PlayerReplicationInfo you’ll get rid of a lot of messages. if you want more granularity and really just remove ‘left the game’ and ‘entered the game’ I believe what you need is to overload/rewrite the way the ReplicatedEvent() function of the PlayerReplicationInfo works (I believe the places where it calls ReceiveLocalizedMessage() )

Thanks for this, i always wondered about that :slight_smile:

Hmm I tried this but the message still came out. So thought I’d try an edit of engine.ini and chn to remove the “left the game” and “entered game” messages thinking it would only display the player name (no text for the code to display) but I still got the full message + name appended and this was after a full recompile and cook. My search of the code for the text displayed shows it only existing in engine.ini and chn

weird. but what’s this chn file? the actual message text is in the localization file

its in the chn folder, I guess for a chinese install