Player email or unique ID when login in Google Play Services?


I’m creating a game and I’m using UE 4.20. First I want to make the game for Android, my game is based on blueprints, login with google play works fine. But I need to get the Google Play email or something to identify the user because I want to use VaRest plugin to auto-register them in my own server using PHP/MySQL to read/write.

For example, when I login in google play with my email, then in my level bp I want to know what email (or unique id, I don’t know if there’s something to identify unique users) is using, so I can check in the DB if the player is new or not, If it’s new I add him to DB and I’ll show him the “Register” HUD, but If he has an account in my web server, I’ll show him his player’s profile retrieving data from PHP. I only want to know how I can idenity the user, using a fixed id or email or something to retrieve the data from my mysql server.


One idea: This free plugin lets you get the Auth Token once the user is logged in:

In theory once you have the Auth Token you can use it for the Google services APIs to get info such as the userId afaik…

Let’s try it. Thanks!

can you get any solution for user name or avater