Player doesnt recieve damage from AI

Hayhoo <(°-c° >)

So my player doesnt recieve any damage when my AI shoots at him, (they both use the exact same projectile) however if I make my projectile slow enough and hit myself I recieve damage…
I used a print event so I could see what the projectile is hitting and now to the even more strang part, the projectile actually hits the player and runs the apply damage node.
One idea I had to what was causing this problem was that maybe the signal is to short?
Any solutions?


I just tested if the AI can shoot at another AI but that also didnt work… again the bullet actually hit the other AI

Nope sadly not only the one in the projectile BP

Like whaaat?? I replaced the apply damage node with the exact same node and suddenly it worked…

Hi ,

I assume the Print string is firing in both BPs?


You could try on contact instead of overlap.

Use this as a Test in you projectile. Make sure you cast to the right Player Character, I am using 3rd person.

Sorted at least, on to the next stage now.