player does not walk

Hello everyone,
I have a problem with the player( third and first player) ,only after importing the model (fbx from rhino) the player does not walking anymore(in play mode) .Using the arrows or letter W/A/S/D of keys board do not work.
Till now I did not have any problems when I imported FBX files.
can some one give me some tips to solve this problem?

thank you


Did you make a character and animation blueprint based on your character mesh and skeleton?

Did you make a blend space for that character ? If you importedthe fbx files the easiest way I found was import the skeletal mesh first , retarget the skeleton to the UE4 mannequin then import the rest of the character. Once this is done it should be able to use blend space for the original mannequin

I didn’t know that you can rig and skin a model in Rhino… For me, it’s only a spline/nurbs based modeler but not an animation tool.
This software has evolved since I used it for the last time (v4.5) :slight_smile: