Player customizable controls/inputs

So a menu to customize controls seems like something standard to put in a game however I’ve been searching all day and haven’t found how to do this.

Everything I’ve found just mentions hard coding controls in the Input options but I need for the player to be able to change controls through a settings menu.

So how do you do this?

Does this search give you what you want:
“change project input settings at runtime ue4”

UE has a couple of ways of doing it. One is

and a newer system

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Thanks! I think that first video is going to lead me in the right direction. Just trying to implement in my code and let you know how it goes.

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If you plan to allow joystick/gamepad input the situation gets much more complex.

You have to manually handle the input via the onkeydown override to do almost anything that works…

Also, the key mapping wasn’t saved/loaded the last time I tried the regular system.

My 2c?
Do a check with one single input and a “published” solution installed on a different system before you dive into coding all of it.