Player controls (keybindings) menu with blueprints only, possible?

I mean this menu every game has: assign keys to actions (like: walk forward, strafe left, run, fire , etc.)
I’m trying to do it in BP but it seems there are not enough functions exposed to BP to do so.

What is needed: see which key is assigned to which action/axis, detect which key/button/stick is pressed, change key assignment, save preferences.

Is all that possible with BP only or code is needed? I don’t mind to do code, just prefer to use BP as much as possible.

Take a look at Rama’s blueprint node plugin, it should allow you to do that:

The question has popped up on occasion. Some devs (to include myself) opting out on use of Rama’s Plugin to exclusively use Blueprints. I’ve been thinking over an idea to achieve this with BP Event nodes arranged as a event switching matrix comprised of switches, events, and delegates. Just have to wrap my head around the how BP delegates work.