Player Controller with SceneCaptureCube linked to another Camera view as the main view

Hi all,

So, I’m pretty new to the Unreal Engine 4 still and was wondering if someone might help guide me with this setup I’m trying to achieve:

  • I have a SceneCaptureCube and a RenderTarget from that cube (so the material is all set)
  • The material was applied to an object and I have a second stationary camera (let’s call this Camera #2) looking at that object

Goal: To have the player/ user be able to navigate and control the camera for the SceneCaptureCube but the main camera that will be displayed in game mode is Camera #2.

Unfortunately, it would seem like I have started with a poor template so I’m just wondering (from a novice’s standpoint) how to set this type of Player Controller and Camera set-up from scratch.

Thanks in advance.

Ok, I sort of figured it out except for the rotation using any input (Mouse or Keyboard).

A follow-up question would be - how can I map the Mouse input from the First Person Template (looking up, down and around) to reflect instantly on the render cube target?

Any answer would suffice - thank you!