Player Controller. Some Questions

Hello community,
i’ve got questions about the Player Controller Blueprint Class. I hope somebody can answer those:

  1. How do I get the Pawn the PlayerController controls and how do I set it. concrete: how do I get the reference to my Character?
  2. In the TopDown Template, it seems, that only the PlayerController is moved (in its blueprint class), but visually the Character moves. This is a thing i don’t quite understand. Can anybody explain this to me?

Thanks you are awesome!

The player controller isn’t a physical actor (it does not move). The player controller can send movement to a pawn by using the ‘possess’ function.

So if the PlayerController possess the pawn the “SImple Move To Location” Function tells the pawn to move?

  1. To get the Pawn that a particular PlayerController controls, you can use the node GetControlledPawn(). Similarly you have the Posses() node to assign the Pawn being controlled by PlayerController

  2. PlayerController has no physical existance. That why we need a Pawn,


Pawn = Body

PlayerController = Soul (or brain if you dont believe in soul :wink: )

– You cannot ask the PlayerController to move, but the PlayerController can ask the Pawn to move. So you should ask the PlayerController to ask the Pawn to move. This is what the MoveTo node does.