Player Controller not working and character animation not playing. Please Help me!

I have followed unreal engines Blueprint Multiplayer tutorials and i have a problem. My Gameplay Player Controller does not work. When i spawn in a map i cant move my character and the idle animation is not playing and i spawn with the base character and not the one i selected, my character is standing still as a static mesh and i cant move the camera. My lobby Player Controller although does work and i can jump around in the lobby map and controll the camera. The lobby Player Controller also works on the other maps where i am having trouble but i don’t want to have my lobby player controller on them. The only change i have made to my project from the tutorial project is that i have unhooked the custom event that makes so that u cant pick the same hero in the lobby. I have tried to figure this out on my own but does not get it. Please help me i would be greatful :frowning: Tell me if you want more info about my project and i will provide it!

My Gameplay Player controller spawn blueprint:

My Gameplay Game Mode blueprint:

My Lobby Game Mode Blueprint (that works as it should):

The unhooked custom event in my Lobby Player Controller:

Also having this issue