Player controller not register input when possesing pawn


I have a “Main menu” level. From here i open another level, that spawns some pawns, and then one of them is possessed by the player controller. When activating the inputs of the controller, none of them are registered. If i open the level directly in the editor, the controller registers the inputs as it should.

  • The sequence to possess the pawn is debugged, and completes as expected.
  • The player controller is valid, and cast to the right controller type.
  • The actual controller displays print strings on tick, so it is running.
  • The input “Up” which exists on the controller itself, does not fire when presses.
  • The desired GameMode is set both on the level, and in default editor settings.
  • Again, the controller works as it should when opening the level in the editor, and activating PIE.

So any idea on what causes a player controller to lose input on an ingame level change?
Cheers :slight_smile:

Found the error. In the opening level, is set input “To UI only” didn’t think those options carried along to other levels.

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