Player controller menu in render. How to remove it?

Hi all,

I rendered this in the UE render sequencer and there are some settings in the video after the render. In the unreal engine sequencer, it doesn’t show these settings, but after I render it, the controller settings show at the left side. Anybody know how to get the settings removed from the render?

Thanks in advance.

you probably gotta look for something calling a hud
might be in player controller, or level blueprint, or something in the game modes?

Hey there @Romeo_z1! Welcome to the community! So to expand on what YuuJin was saying, you likely have a HUD attached one way or another. If you aren’t using the HUD for gameplay purposes you can just disable (set it to none) it in the game mode. However if you’d like to keep it in your game mode, you can follow this tutorial here:

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Hope this helps!