Player Controller Like TempleRun or SubwaySurf

Hi,i try to make a EndlessRun Game and have problems with PlayerCotroller. I made it for Mobile and need Controller like TempleRun or SubwaySurf, i try to use Default Virual Joystik but is not what i need,i don’t need Widget/UI(butons need to be unseen) .Can Someone help me with this?

Hi Midu1995,

You can turn off the default Virtual Joysticks by left-clicking on Edit on the very top left of the editor window, going to Project Settings, left-clicking Input on the left side and then under Mobile, change Default Touch Interface to “None” using the drop down.

You can also get to the Project Settings by clicking the “Settings” button on the top center menu bar of the editor and choose, Project Settings.

I know how to turn off The Virtual Joystick, i don’t know how to create one, like in TempleRun or SubwaySurf.This is my problem

Endless runner game like the one you mentioned are using swipe left to go left, swipe left to go right and swipe upwards to jump. There is no built in gameplay classes in Unreal Engine to do that, but it is very easy to create one (may not be the case if you still do not familiar with input handling and gameplay classes).

There is an endless runner game example that you can use as a reference:

Although the last time I checked it is using keyboard input, but if you have already know how to handle touch input then it will be quite easy to replace the existing one.

By this example i made my endless run game, but i have another problem ,i have a infinite loop. The spawning TitleFloor won’t stop( they go far far away in front of me).How can i solve this? i do exactly like in video, all works instead of this loop.And this is too bad for performance, way too bad.