Player Controller for ArchViz screen and VR

Hi. I’ve been trying to find a solution to this for weeks and I’m getting nowhere. I work for an architects firm doing major project walk-throughs in UE4. They like to switch between screen and VR. I have been using the FPC but it doesn’t set the right height for the Vive. I followed the instructions on setting up a camera for Vive but then its on the floor for screen mode. I tried setting different conditions for HMD on or off and resetting the camera position accordingly - ie. floor (Vive) and eye for screen, but its always out of position. Also the camera sways in VR and in the wrong direction! I’ve tried disabling the Controller Rotation Yaw. I’ve watched so many videos on this and I just cant get it right. Its either VR or screen, never a solution for both. Yet this is such a fundamental need for our realtime CGI presentations. Attached is my FPC BP. There’s some disconnected nodes which I’ve left in to show what I’ve tried. I had the VRCamera under the VRCameraRoot, but that didn’t work parented to the capsule, which I figure I need. I also tried the ArchViz pawn, which was great except that it doesn’t handle VR - ie reset height from floor. Any help would be much appreciated before I loose all my hair.