Player Controller Collision, Switching the capsule for a sphere

Hello, I’m creating a sphere moving game and I started out with having a character controller tied in with a pawn, but doing research I realize that’s not the best way to go. So I’m re-creating my rolling sphere to a player controller, but when I added the 3d sphere, the player controller capsule is the only collision. How do I change the capsule to a sphere? Or how can I turn off the capsule’s colliding and turn on the sphere’s mesh colliding on?

Trust me, I’ve done so much research and nothing has worked. I’ve went into the sphere’s mesh to add a collision which didn’t work. AND every time I enable the capsule’s no collision, the whole player controller falls through the level.

Thanks for your time.

You can adjust the collision capsule’s half height and radius until it is in the shape of a sphere by making the radius match the half height. Like this: