Player-Controlled Bones (w/out locomotion)

I am trying to create a character using player input (joystick) to deform a mesh using a skeleton. I need the character mesh’s location to remain stationary, but to deform in place.
I am having trouble finding the right workflow or vocabulary to research how to go about doing this.

I have some experience with setting up characters to move with player input, triggering animations driven by direction using blend space and state machines… I think I have terminology here, but I don’t do character animation everyday.

Would setting this up as a standard character for locomotion work but then somehow disabling movement (translation)?

Thank you for any help.


Not sure what you are doing but you can pass any value you want to a transform/modify node that can affect the skeleton structure. Scale, position, and rotation (a transform) at runtime.

basically controlling something like a sock puppet.
this is super helpful thank you MostHost.

I was able to do this with morph targets and input mapping, then mapping controller input to each morph.