Player Clips Through All Geometry on Specific Level?

I’m encountering an odd bug where the pawn will clip through all geometry in a streamed level but only that level in particular. I’m using a standard Android phone to test. I’m also using streamed levels to dynamically load them in and out. Furthermore, I’m also destroying the pawn during the level transition and reconstructing it at the beginning of one.

I tried completely rebuilding the geometry; the same thing occurs. I tried copying and pasting to another level. I tried moving the entire level someplace else in the world.

When I tried placing the spawn point at a different location, the pawn does collide, but only in specific locations. In one strange occurrence, I placed the spawn point a few feet up from its original location and the ball bounce twice before falling straight through the geometry. My hypothesis is further strengthened when I began removing objects from the scene. Once I removed enough, I could collide. However, it seems completely arbitrary which objects I remove.

One other oddity: If I place a basic mesh underneath the pawn, it will collide with it. However, if I place a geometry mesh, it clips right through.

It does work in the simulator just fine, so I’m thinking this has to do with the physics and collision checking being tied in with the framerate. I tried setting a constant framerate of 15 to no effect.
Can anyone try pointing me in the right direction of how to fix this issue?

(EDIT): I found that it’s not just one specific level. On a new level I just created, the same thing is happening. Is there some sort of limit to how much geometry meshes I can place in a level on Android (even though the rest of the levels are unloaded)?

I’d recommend not destroying the pawn when streaming the levels, just teleport it to the location.

If you are using Streaming Volumes to stream the level in early, then you should be fine.

If you are using using BPs to stream in the level, make sure you set Should Block on Load to true. Only once that completes should you set the location of the pawn, or spawn the new pawn. Make sure to set the player linear velocity to 0 also.